HAAS Gloss Coat Brush "Felglanzbürste"
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HAAS Gloss Coat Brush "Felglanzbürste"

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Haas Gloss Coat Horse Brush or Fellglanzbuste

The Haas Gloss Coat Horse Brush Or Fellglanzbuste as it is known in Germany, is a very effective brush for sensitive horses. It is a Light, soft, thickly woven white horsehair brush with a Leather Strap.

This brush takes all the final dust out of the coat and gives a beautiful shine, perfect for finishing with a "pampering" effect.

The back of the brush is made of a high quality synthetic material. Not only does this make it hygienically unbeatable, the possibility of splitting does not exist.

Brush measures 200mm x 85mm. Made in Germany. 

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